Las Vegas Medical, LLC

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Building Development
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Overview of Tenant & Property

Gastroenterology Associates is a leading and respected gastroenterology physicians’ practice with an onsite surgical center in Las Vegas, Nevada. They take pride in using the most advanced technology as well as maintaining the medical industry’s highest level of safety standards. The $8 million, 21,506 SF medical office building was constructed in 2017 and finished as a Class A Medical Office.


The physician group wanted to develop their own new building, but after breaking ground, they realized that having an experienced real estate partner could make the project more successful. Seeking a partner who could quickly step in to manage the building development process midstream, the physicians reached out to a real estate broker whose first call was to the Crown MedRealty team.


Our team put together a deal in just two weeks that allowed the physician group to keep the prime location, build their offices the way they wanted, and retain ownership in the building. Crown MedRealty bought the rights to all the building contracts in exchange for a 15-year lease on the new building. Our team continues to manage the Las Vegas medical office property to maintain its value. The physicians became investors in the building project and could get back to focusing on their first priority: serving patients.