Our Services

Crown MedRealty Partners takes pride in delivering a high level of service on every project with an experienced team who knows the healthcare real estate market inside and out.

We focus exclusively on medical real estate and building long-term wealth for our investment partners. We can handle every aspect of any type of deal, from acquiring and selling medical offices, to managing medical office properties, and developing new medical office facilities.

Over the last 10 years, we have built relationships with leading real estate brokers across the country, who often source off-market opportunities and present to Crown MedRealty first. We’re known for making quick decisions and being easy to work with, and our reputation continues to pave the way for new deals.

Acquisition & Disposition

Our core focus for acquisitions is pursuing net-leased medical office buildings serving one to four tenants with an average of 10 years remaining on the lease terms. Crown MedRealty has extensive experience working with physician-owned medical offices, and we provide a monetizing opportunity for the physicians through a sale/leaseback arrangement. 

For physician groups, owning and operating their medical office property can take their focus away from serving patients. By selling their healthcare real estate property to Crown MedRealty through a sale/leaseback agreement, we can take over the day-to-day management of the property, while the physicians can monetize the opportunity to become an investment partner in their own building and others. This frees up capital for the physicians to reinvest in the practice, reduce debt, or improve technology and medical equipment. And it frees up the physicians’ time to focus on the reason they got into medicine – to help people.

We’re skilled at working with different types of real estate transactions, whether it’s a 1031 exchange or tenancy in common (TIC).

Our Acquisition Process

1. Available Properties

Review all medical real estate properties available for purchase. We consider and evaluate both “off market” and widely marketed assets.

2. Initial Screening

Initiate underwriting and screen for properties that fit the geographical, tenant, lease, property quality, and investor return profiles.

3. Initial Committee Meeting

Discuss financial analysis, market review, and property inspection with brokers and property management.

4. Final Underwriting

Develop base and stress case financial models. Bracket/Forecast anticipated investor returns.

5. Investment Committee

Investment committee (four partners) discuss and debate final underwriting.

6. Invest

Make offers and strategically purchase assets via single purpose entities.

Building Development

Health systems and physician groups also turn to Crown MedRealty Partners to develop new healthcare commercial real estate. Our team can manage the development of medical office buildings from start to finish. Whether it’s market/location analysis and site selection, project financing, or design and build, we have the specific experience and knowledge to enhance any type of healthcare real estate development.

We share in the risks and rewards, so we manage every project like we’re paying for it. Managing the budget and maintaining strong communication throughout the project pave the way for our successful building development projects.

Investment Management

With a high-performing portfolio of medical office properties, Crown MedRealty proactively manages these healthcare properties as an investment opportunity for physicians and other investment partners. Our experience with the healthcare real estate market gives us the insight to know when to buy and when to sell properties to achieve the best return on investment.

When it comes to financing medical real estate deals, Crown MedRealty believes in thinking creatively. We get to know the players and put together custom deals that best fit the situation. We favor a conservative approach to borrowing money, and our track record shows that we are focused on building long-term wealth for our investment partners.

Property Management

When Crown MedRealty Partners owns and manages a medical office property, we approach it with the attention to detail it deserves. We work with the physician tenants to maintain the quality and value of the property, as well as to provide a welcoming and functional office environment for patients and staff.

Our knowledgeable team provides top-notch, responsive service to all tenants and takes the hassle of day-to-day property management off the medical team’s plate.

You take care of the patients. We’ll take care of the property.